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Which Is Characteristic of a Metes-And-Bounds Legal Description

The Commission may, at its discretion, question applicants if more than five years have elapsed and the applicant has discharged his guilt by fulfilling the conditions of imprisonment, restitution, etc., resulting from the conviction or arrest. The Board reserves the right to insist that applicants with criminal records can effectively demonstrate that they have successfully demonstrated competence and honesty and that they can demonstrate that they can be trusted. The Board has the exclusive discretion to request such documents and has the authority to determine how the applicant is to document their requests for rehabilitation. The legal description appears in several places in real estate documents, such as purchase agreements, mortgage documents, deeds, title information, etc. It is used to track a property`s history to ensure a clear title, and lenders need it to make sure they have the right collateral for the loan. Wherever it appears, it must be carefully checked to confirm that the description is correct. In addition to parcels and blocks, a flat map usually includes details such as roads, sections, monuments, and public easements. It could also include floodplains, elevations and alliances. Each description contains information about the subdivision phase, block (if any) and single lot referenced by the book and the page where the information is located. An example would be Lot 2 of Block 3 of the Mountain River Subdivision Plaque, as recorded in Map Book 47, Page 5 of the Office of the Public Registrar. Finally, legal boundary descriptions are created by a licensed surveyor and used to describe a particular piece of soil based on distances, angles, bearings and directions. These can be used to describe anything outside of a subdivision development type property, but can tend to be quite long.

The beginning of a legal description would look like this: “A portion of the southwest quarter of the southeast quarter of Section 35, Township 2 North, Range 4 West, B.M., Owyhee County, Idaho, describes in more detail as follows: From the south quarter corner of said Section 35…” A term used to describe land boundaries and to establish all boundary lines and their ends and angles. Metes (length or measurements) and boundary description are often used when a high degree of precision is required. Well, these monuments can erode. This tree, which has already been mentioned as a starting point, may not exist in 100 years. In addition, descriptions of boundaries and boundaries are usually very long and complicated. Architectural style or architecture is not always a reliable indicator. To be sure whether a property is a condominium or not, the best determination would be the legal description. The legal description can be found on the deed of ownership.

If the Commission considers it necessary to investigate or audit a broker`s escrow account, it has the power to give instructions or enter into a contract to assist the broker in carrying out the audit. There are certain limits to this power; However, as the Commission must be able to demonstrate, such an audit requires specific expertise, including the expertise of an accountant or legal expert. In that case, the Commission shall retain full powers of control over those experts. The final decisions shall in any event be taken by the Commission and not by an expert appointed by the Commission to carry out the review. A real property parcel where there is an undivided common interest in a portion of the property, associated with a separate spatial interest called a unit, whose boundaries are described on a final registered map, parcel map or condominium plan. Regardless of the type of legal description, it is important to understand their impact, as they describe exactly what is included in the purchase and sale of a property. If you have any questions about your legal description, talk to your real estate agent or call your local Pioneer Title office – we`ll be happy to help! Métis and boundaries are the boundaries of a property identified by its natural attractions. Metes and Bounds landmarks are often used in a “legal description” of a country.

The legal description is the geographical description of a country that identifies its exact location and is kept with the country`s deed. In legal descriptions, boundaries are considered the most accurate description of a property in some jurisdictions. Some of the terminology used with the Metes and Bounds description includes monuments, landmarks and starting point (POB). The legal description usually includes the word condominium or condominium as well as the lot number, property number, unit number and building number. Since each unit is about the interior of a unit, height can be part of the description, and if basements, ground floors, second floors or upper floors are affected, the description can include a reference to an official date or a specific area used to measure heights. The space is described in the condominium plan, the final registered map or the parcel map. Metes and bounds is a term used to describe land boundaries and to establish all demarcation lines and their ends and angles. Metes are length or measurements, and limits or limits is a description that is often used when a high degree of accuracy is required. It is more common in the description of non-divisible properties or large tracts of land, while the identification of properties and blocks is usually associated with subdivisions.

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