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Salesforce Duplicate Rules Examples

Then click Next and confirm the button. Congratulations, now you know how to set up duplicate rules in Salesforce and merge two duplicate records. The fight against duplicate records in Salesforce is a battle on two fronts: prevention and cure. There are several ways to prevent Salesforce duplicates (including standard and paid options), but if you find it`s too late to set up these important safeguards, there are also ways to clean up duplicate records. We`ll start with duplicate checking for Salesforce accounts. When users create accounts (companies of your potential or existing customers), it is very likely that they forget to search for this company and check if it already exists in the CRM. And therefore, they can create duplicates. To prevent duplicate generation, you can create the following duplication rules: And that`s it! To verify that everything is working as expected, you can first test these duplicate rules in your sandbox or developer organization. You can use the following test cases with sample emails or LinkedIn URL data: However, Salesforce wouldn`t be a leader in the CRM market if it hadn`t thought ahead and developed ways to weed out bad data. You can save your sales reps time and prevent them from missing out on important sales opportunities by flagging records that are potential duplicates and having access to all the reliable data from their prospects and customers. Overall, setting up the above double rules is the first step to ensuring high standards of data quality and maintaining a flawless Salesforce org.

Matching rules and replication rules work together to ensure that your organizational data is free of duplicates. So we need to create matching rules first and then create the duplicate rules. A duplication rule in Salesforce defines when the matching rule can be executed and what action to take when a duplicate is detected using the matching rule. Depending on how you configure duplicate management, sales reps will see a warning when they are about to create a duplicate or are prevented from creating the duplicate completely. By default, Salesforce provides three matching rules for accounts, contacts, and leads. These alone are not enough, because it is as simple as that. Now your accounts are monitored for duplicates! To create this duplicate rule, you must create the fuzzy logic of Salesforce and use a different error message. Let`s take an example. Companies want to ensure that the agent does not create a duplicate record database for the me account and address. For example, if you enable a rule that contains a fuzzy match for first names. The duplicate management tool identifies two contacts, Antony Brandon and Brandon Brown, as possible duplicate records. Clean and accurate data is an integral part of any successful business.

And while it takes time to manually activate duplicate rules in Salesforce to deduplicate your records, the result promises to be rewarding in the end. Fortunately, even though data deduplication isn`t immediately available, Salesforce allows you to create your own replication rules to avoid duplication. And here`s the list of must-have Salesforce replication rules you need to enable right now. This article covers key topics for preventing duplicate records in Salesforce, including: The definition of “duplicate” differs by organization and then by Salesforce object. For this reason, deduplication requires careful planning and continuous monitoring. Start with the 5-step process of de-duplication of your Salesforce org data and work up there. Good luck! You can also create custom matching rules to include a fuzzy match for phone numbers. Salesforce marks contacts with matching phone numbers as duplicates, even if one has a country code and the other does not.

For more information about Salesforce customization and duplicate management, see the following Salesforce Help articles: Prospects and contacts boil down to one thing: individuals. Not only do we need to prevent duplicate leads and duplicate contacts, but we also need to prevent users from creating contacts that are already leads and prevent users from creating leads that are already contacts. Hurrah! Salesforce doesn`t allow you to create duplicate contacts. In the screenshot below, you can see the error message and a possible duplicate recording. For Salesforce users in Performance and Unlimited editions, Salesforce has improved duplicate handling with Duplicate Job functionality to detect duplicates in existing data in bulk. The duplicate task creates a list of duplicate recordsets, from which you can compare and merge duplicate records. Prospects and contacts are a bit more complicated. Sometimes users say “I want to prevent duplicate leads” or “I want to prevent duplicate contacts”. Both are great goals, but it still doesn`t solve the total problem of duplicates, even in tandem. Duplication rules allow us to define when Salesforce found matching records and specify what actions to take when duplicates are found. Duplicate management can be configured by creating the following two rules.

To quickly and freely check the scope of duplicate rules in your Salesforce database, you can create a Salesforce report and use the View Unique Number feature. With Salesforce Duplicate Management, you can easily manage duplicates to: Purpose: Notify users of a potential duplicate when account names are slightly different. Here are the considerations for double rules and best practices. In addition to the restrictions on matching rules and duplicate commands, there are some limitations associated with merging duplicates in Salesforce. These include: However, if you can`t afford to spend a lot of time getting started with Salesforce Duplicate Management features, our CRM consultants will help you accelerate the journey to a well-organized and healthy database. We choose the optimal approach for deduplication and maintenance of your data, taking into account the specifics of your Salesforce org, the number of records, the budget and the complexity of the overall project.

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