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Rules of the Route 2021

Do you see a mistake? Help us make the next edition of this map more accurate. Notify NYC DOT of any inaccuracies or omissions you may notice by sending an email to truckroute@dot.nyc.gov. New York City has clear definitions of commercial vehicles and trucks that differ from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle classifications. Find out what classification your vehicle is so you know what rules and regulations apply to you. NYC DOT and the NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) are committed to promoting greener and more efficient truck deliveries, increasing the share of goods transported by water, rail and freight, and supporting innovation and new technologies to make freight transportation more efficient. Delivering Green: A vision for a sustainable freight network serving New York City highlights the critical work required to achieve New York City`s shared vision for the future of safer, more efficient, and more sustainable freight transportation. The city intends to seek federal funding to implement these initiatives, made possible by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed by Congress in November 2021, which will amount to more than $120 billion over the next five years. NYC DOT`s Check It or Wreck It campaign encourages truckers to check the truck route map, use truck-specific GPS, and avoid rides in the New York metropolitan area. NYC DOT publishes a full-color double-sided map showing the city`s extensive network of truck roads that sits across the entire arterial road network, making it easier for drivers to find specific roads and intersections. The map also includes useful information on truck route signage, weight and dimension limits, overweight/oversize permits, and truck-related offenses, as well as municipal, regional, and state truck-related resources. Changes to the truck network and map between 2012 and 2015 are summarized below. For more information on the changes, see the links below.

Details on Truck Route Changes in Brooklyn (pdf) Details on Truck Route Changes in Queens (pdf) The 53-foot tractors can access specific, limited routes to JFK Airport in Queens. For more information, see the back of the 2015 truck route map. NYC DOT is currently updating the city-wide truck route map. This process uncovered some inaccuracies that warrant immediate public notice prior to the release of the next truck route map, as well as updates to sections 4 to 13 of the New York Highway Traffic Act. November 2021 September 2021 August 2021 April 2021 February 2021 July 2020 December 2017: All trucks must exit May 2017 The EAS describes the rules for technical access to the rail network. It specifies the location, number, date and duration of access to the property (restrictions on use) that we need to carry out the inspection, maintenance, renewal and improvement of work activities on the infrastructure. This map may be used for reference purposes only. Please refer to New York City traffic rules for the latest traffic rules for truck routes, as well as the permissible weight and dimensions of trucks.

The information on this card is subject to change without notice. Always follow all reported restrictions, as restrictions may apply to designated truck routes. The diversity of land use, dense urban environment and extensive transport infrastructure requires different rules and regulations for the operation of trucks and commercial vehicles. For this system to work effectively, it is important that drivers follow these rules and regulations. New York City`s traffic rules and regulations are set forth in Chapter 4 of Title 34 of the New York City Rules. It contains provisions on traffic lights; Pedestrian; restrictions during filming; speed limits; other restrictions on freedom of movement; parking, stopping and stopping rules; rules for buses, taxis and rental vehicles; truck routes; rules for parkways and parks; restrictions on vehicle dimensions and weight; and other information. Since 2015, the truck route on the truck route map has changed. For more information on the changes, see the links below.

Details on Truck Route Changes in Staten Island (pdf) Map data for New York City Truck Routes is available in the shapefile on NYC Open Data. These datasets contain the center lines of transit routes and local trucks and were created from LION, the city`s basemap. With nearly 1,000 miles of designated road, New York City has one of the most complex truck route systems in the country. Need help navigating the city by truck? Learn more about the different types of truck routes What you need to know about parking your truck or commercial vehicle in New York City. Verified Technologies List of all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved diesel retrofit technologies for use in engine retrofit programs California Air Resources Board NYC Verified Diesel Emission Control Strategies DOT provides incentive funding for Transportation Refrigeration Units (TRUs) for the purchase of Tier 4 Final or Ultra Low Emission trus for qualified applicants at Hunts Point. Qualified fleets will work with the City to promote the reduction of harmful emissions from TRU Tier 0, Tier 1 and Tier 2 engines. The vehicle`s gross weight in New York is 80,000 pounds. Read full weight and size restrictions Vehicles that exceed New York City`s size and weight restrictions must obtain oversized permits.

Delivering New York is the city`s strategic freight management plan. This plan provides a comprehensive policy framework for a safe, sustainable, fair and efficient freight delivery system. The plan emphasizes the importance of transforming the “last mile” – the final phase of delivery. This plan introduces new and creative approaches to: Please see below the new format of the online operating rules, the format has been changed for the following reasons: NYC DOT developed the Truck`s Eye View program in 2011 to educate the public about obstructed viewing areas around large trucks. At events throughout the city, attendees can sit in the driver`s seat of a truck and learn about the vehicle`s visual barriers from a professional truck driver to educate all road users about safety.

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