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Jinesh Lalwani, who leads Lazada Singapore`s legal team, says: “Due to the nature of our business, having specialists does not work as we embark on a new business every quarter. For example, last year we only sold physical products, while this year we switched to digital products. “Our customers change, and the whole business changes, so the law has to change too,” said Rebecca Lim, general counsel at Westpac, the Australian banking group. Years of experience managing strategic planning, change management, innovation and sales at ING gave Graat a new perspective when he returned to a legal position in 2015. Since then, he has raised the profile of the firm`s Asia-Pacific legal team, driving innovation both regionally and globally. Chee Kin Lam, general counsel at DBS Bank in Singapore, is leading a program designed to make law and compliance “joyful” for lawyers and clients. Technology is at the heart of this process. The legal team is introducing an AI tool to automate negotiations on specific legal documents, which should reduce the time required by 20-50%. While many law firms plan to change their roles through technology, this transition is already taking hold in their clients` legal teams.

Adaptability and the use of technology are essential to grow the business quickly. For example, an electronic contracting process developed by Lazada`s legal team allows the company to attract between 200 and 250 new sellers per month in Singapore, reducing the time spent on the sales team and lawyers. While technology has a more visible impact on in-house legal teams, especially in technology-driven industries, law firms still play an important role. The tasks of lawyers become even more complex as the firm`s activities span the legal systems, governments and the six very different languages of Southeast Asia. Ms. Vora has implemented a number of processes and technologies to streamline legal activities at TransUnion Cibil, the largest credit reporting bureau in India. She has challenged the jurisdiction of the courts for claims against the company and is leading efforts to update India`s credit information company laws. The most effective combinations of technology and law require new collaboration from businesses, law firms, technology providers, and alternative legal services firms. However, according to customers, the examples highlighted in this report are still too often the welcome exception rather than the rule. Ms. Lim oversaw the transformation of the legal and compliance team to support the bank`s transition to digital commerce, recruit talent with a background in fintech and regulatory, and train lawyers in coding.

Ms. Lim is playing an influential role in diversity issues, encouraging more Asian women and employees to take on leadership roles. Westpac turned to Gilbert+Tobin to organize hackathons with the bank`s lawyers and staff to develop technology products. IAG`s in-house legal team has used MinterEllison`s expertise to conduct design thinking workshops to encourage creative problem-solving, while Linklaters is the creator and provider of Nakhoda AI technology, which DBS Bank is currently developing for its own use. In response, Westpac plans to expand its legal, secretarial and compliance team to approximately 300 employees over the course of the year. In doing so, Ms. Lim brings new skills by hiring recruits who have not necessarily followed the law firm`s traditional career path. When a colleague came out as gay in 2015, it inspired Fujita to promote LGBT rights and awareness in Japan. He led a campaign to educate Japanese law firms, motivated many to change their policies, and translated precedents in the United States to support a petition in favor of same-sex marriage. But Lam says the initiative “is not AI for AI`s sake. All AI projects must start by simplifying processes and changing customers` lives. In the near future, he says, lawyers will have to overcome new challenges arising from distributed ledger technologies such as bitcoin, cybersecurity and privacy.

The Lazada Group, one of the region`s leading tech start-ups, has changed even faster. Founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs, the Singapore-based e-commerce company has expanded into six countries, employs more than 6,000 people, and changed its business model to a third-party marketplace. In 2016, Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce group, acquired a majority stake in Lazada. Chief Compliance Officer and Group General Counsel, WestpacAustralia Rebekah Lim, Class of 2011 – Kinkaid High School – Classmates You can also be an angel ä1/2 ä¹å ̄以æ ̄天ä1/2¿ – Rebecca Lim and Bryan Wong General Counsel Asia Pacific, Managing Director, INGSingapore Those who can combine law and technology are in demand, Just like those with experience in new crossover industries such as fintech and now “regtech” – regulatory technology – the goal is to help companies have compliance teams. The bank is also improving the technological skills of existing lawyers and teaching some of them how to code. There are several identifying details you can use to learn someone`s last name in radaris.com. This includes phone numbers, companies, physical addresses, first and last names, and email addresses. Goldman SachsJapan Graat, Managing Director and General Counsel, adds that automation and AI will impact not only the work of lawyers, but also the structure of teams and the training and motivation of lawyers. “If lawyers are not prepared for what lies ahead, we will fight to remain relevant.” Executive Vice President and General Counsel, TransUnion The Canadian pastor of CibilIndia in North Korea, says cultural change is one of the three pillars of Rein Graat`s innovation program at ING, the Dutch banking group. Graat moved to Singapore from Europe less than two years ago to take on the role of the bank`s Asia-Pacific General Counsel. Previously, he led strategy and sales within the bank and therefore had different expectations of how lawyers work.

Graat says he`s now focusing particularly on measuring emotional intelligence. “It`s about how we empower our lawyers and make sure we`re focused and connected to the rest of the organization.” Some industries feel the pressure more than others. The top four in-house teams in this year`s Financial Times Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers report come from financial services and e-commerce companies where technology is making a huge impact. In many cases, technology is evolving faster than law and regulatory guidelines. Much of the legislation concerning banks, for example, was passed even before the latest technological innovations in the sector dared to dream. For example, many customers today bank exclusively online and expect the bank to combine the data it has stored about them to provide a seamless service. AI and automation are becoming an important part of the in-house lawyer`s toolbox, but as Westpac`s Lim points out, “all of these tools are only fully utilized if you have a team with a culture that embraces change.” Radaris.com is a free search tool, which means that most of its services are offered for free. However, it is important to note that Radaris may submit some reports for a fee.

Usually, their premium membership plan costs $24.95 per month. We will send you a myFT Daily Digest email every morning summarizing the latest news from DBS Bank Ltd. Rebekah Lim`s address is 18334 Streamside Dr, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. He has very big goals in North Korea. And he has very good relations with the North Korean government,” said Rebekah Lim, who works with the Seoul-based North Korean Strategic Center and has met with the pastor several times. Due to the nature of our business, having specialists doesn`t work as we switch to a new business every quarter. An IT intern helps develop new tools as well as automate other aspects of lawyers` work.

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