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Tips for a Smooth Customs Clearance: Making the Process Simple 

The international trade industry is rather complex and that’s because it has to be. Each country has its own set of laws when it...

The Semiconductor Shortage: 4 Mind-Boggling Effects on the Global Supply Chain

Unless you work in specific industries, you may not have yet felt the ripple effects of the semiconductor shortage. Still, if you’ve been in...

Supply Chain Resilience: 3 Chaotic Events that Disrupted the Flow of Goods in 2021

It’s not every day that a giant boat gets stuck in the sand, wedged between the borders of a body of water. Given today’s...

Custom Brokers and The Import and Export History with Mexico

We have a unique relationship with our southern neighbor. Our border totals 1,954 miles and traverses different terrain, including deserts, urban areas, cities, and...

Popular Imports and Common Costs of Importing Goods Into the United States 

On any given day millions of goods move across international borders to reach new destinations and new markets. Company owners know all too well...

An Overview of U.S Trade Relationship with Another World Power

The United States has a complicated and drawn out history with countries like China. We have heard a lot of talk in recent years...

A Wild Year for Exports and Imports, Custom Brokers Assess Changes and the Year Ahead

Here at RM Custom House Brokers, Inc, we work with many business and enterprise owners that engage in the international market every day. The...

A Closer Look at Common Trade Laws and Regulations

So much of international trading hinges on the idea of mutual benefit and the expansion of markets and industries. The truth is that everything...

A Look at International Markets During a Difficult Time

It’s a difficult reality to escape. Everything has become focused on it. No matter where you turn the coronavirus has likely had an impact....

The Intricate World of Global Supply Chains and How Global Events Shape Them

If you’re reading this in the middle of March 2020, you’ve likely heard of the illness known as Coronavirus, or Covid-19. As of the...

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