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Best Tech Law Firms in India

According to Justice Chandrachud, the Supreme Court will have megabits per alternative internet connection by 2021. The justice system has not been hampered by technology during an outbreak, and India`s legal system will continue to develop as long as it is supported by technology. An entrepreneur typically starts a start-up business with the intention and vision of bringing new ideas and innovations to market to achieve a specific goal. Legaltech startups in India are becoming increasingly popular as they offer several benefits including education, employment, legal services, technological innovations and contribute significantly to the growth and development of the economy. Practice League is a suite of legal technology products and is arguably the most popular among medium to large law firms. Ranked among the top 15 IP lawyers in India by Asian Legal Business in 2020, Krishnamurthy has earned his reputation representing a wide range of clients in the media, entertainment and information technology sectors. He has also led the IP enforcement campaigns of various luxury and pharmaceutical brands and software companies. The Supreme Court will be equipped with an internet connection of a thousand megabits per second by 2021, according to Justice Chandrachud. Thanks to technology, justice has not been hindered during a pandemic crisis, and India`s legal system will continue to grow as it is supported by technology. Jointly led by Statira Ranina, a Mumbai-based technology regulator, and Souvik Paul Mazumdar, a Bangalore-based sports law expert, ALMT Legal regularly advises leading clients in the technology, media, entertainment and telecommunications sectors. Over the past few months, the team has been involved in a number of contract reviews and product recommendations for artists in the film and television industry, as well as a number of service framework contracts for various IT companies. Siddhi Ghatlia, based in Mumbai, is recommended for her experience in commercial affairs and telecommunications regulation. The state-of-the-art technological system has made the work of Moment`s lawyers more accessible and efficient, benefiting the general population.

SpotDraft is an India-based contract lifecycle management legal technology startup that provides technology solutions for contract management to companies and law firms. Nishith Desai Associates manages a range of IT and business process outsourcing issues for a variety of technology and telecommunications heavyweights. Areas of focus include inbound investment structuring, regulatory approvals, the Internet of Things, and e-commerce. Gowree Gokhale, Practice Leader, is highly regarded by clients for his in-depth knowledge of technology, media, telecommunications and gaming. Nishchal Joshipura is recommended for his expertise in cross-border corporate transactions. “Gautam`s team is one of the best in the telecommunications and data industry and we use them extensively. Scriboard, based in New Delhi, is regularly sought after by leading national and international companies for its technology, new media and ip capabilities. Rodney D. Ryder, founding partner, is highly regarded for his expertise in IT law and has worked with several corporate clients on major compliance reviews and cyber fraud investigations. Data protection specialist Ravi Goyal is another very active member of the team and regularly advises a number of the company`s Fortune 500 clients on digital brand management, intellectual property law enforcement and domain name litigation. Trilegal`s TMT practice is recognized for both its size and breadth of expertise, advising some of the biggest names in the market – both domestically and internationally – on telecommunications regulatory challenges, outsourcing contracts, policy issues, e-commerce and alternative Models of Internet Service Providers.

Practice Leader Rahul Matthan is a highly experienced technology practitioner who regularly works with government on guidelines for spatial data infrastructure, intellectual property and e-governance solutions. Nikhil Narendran focuses on telecommunications and technological work and has a particular niche in content liability issues. Upasana Rao is particularly well versed in transactions and advises many leading companies in the data center industry. Newly promoted partner Jyotsna Jayaram is recommended for her expertise in privacy, telecom licensing, and OTT services. All these lawyers are based in Bangalore. “The team has supported us in numerous acquisitions of technology services companies with subsidiaries and branches in India. The team is outstanding in its ability to effectively communicate Indian legal issues to lawyers and executives of multinational companies outside of India.

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