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At Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., we offer individual prepaid legal plans as well as group benefit plans for employers, associations, unions, credit unions, brokers/consultants and EAPs (Employee Assistance Plans). Since 1987 we have. View full profile A legal regime provides fully covered services for many of the most common personal legal matters, in addition to advice and guidance on an unlimited number of personal legal matters. Yes, MetLife Legal Plans encourages members to use the plan to resolve as many legal issues as possible, even if they are pre-existing issues. The only pre-existing cases that are not covered are those for which you hired a lawyer before you were eligible for plan benefits. Money is one of life`s biggest stressors. But your legal plan covers financial advice so you can get expert advice on your money problems. ARAG North America 480 Capital Square, 400 Locust Street Des Moines, IA 50309 Phone: (515) 246-1200 (800) 888-4184 www.ARAGlegal.com Some legal protection plans also offer e-learning centers and access to DIY legal documents that are prepared and reviewed by attorneys in all 50 states for accuracy and state-specific compliance. If you are thinking of registering for the legal regime offered by your employer, visit our information centre. Your human resources or benefits department can provide you with an access code that you can use to log in. Wide coverage for different types of legal issues. Some types of legal issues that are not covered by one provider may be provided by another – but perhaps with a waiting period.

Wide choice means better coverage, as you often don`t know in advance what services you need. Beware of plans that limit all types of legal issues except a few. The cost of legal expenses insurance varies by plan and provider. A standard plan can range from $10 to $25 per month. This equates to less than $1 per day. There are also plans that allow you to pay per service, so you don`t have to pay a monthly bill. Signing up for a legal plan is like having a lawyer by your side. If you use a network lawyer for the services covered, all attorneys` fees will be covered by the legal plan.

Payments for the plan are made through practical payroll deductions. Don`t Google this legal question. Ask an expert. Our Legal Access Line means you can speak to a lawyer at any time. You can also visit the Covered Services section to see examples of legal issues covered. “Fully covered” means that all attorney services related to the covered matter are paid for by the legal plan when you hire a network lawyer. There are no co-payments, deductibles or claim forms if you hire a network lawyer. You are also entitled to advice and guidance on matters that are not fully covered by the plan, as long as they are not excluded.

(For a list of excluded questions, see the Terms of Use.) Legal expenses insurance can be part of a group plan you receive from your employer. Before you buy your own policy, you should first find out if you already have coverage of your work or other organizations to which you belong. You may not have to spend money on a personal plan. It may be better to buy coverage than to wait until you need help and pay high legal fees. Group Legal Plans provided by MetLife Legal Plans, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. In some states, group benefit plans are provided through insurance coverage underwritten by the Metropolitan General Insurance Company and Affiliates, Warwick, RI. Some services are not available in all states. No services, including consultations, are provided for: (1) employment-related matters, including benefits or statutory benefits; (2) matters relating to the employer, MetLife and affiliates and lawyers specializing in the plans; (3) matters in which there is a conflict of interest between the employee and the spouse or dependants, in which case services for the spouse and dependants are excluded; (4) class actions and actions; (5) agricultural and commercial matters, including rental issues, if the participant is the owner; (6) patent, trademark and copyright issues; (7) fees and fines; (8) frivolous or unethical matters; (9) Matters for which a client relationship exists before the member is entitled to benefits under the plan. For all other personal legal matters, an advisory and support service is provided.

For some questions, additional representation is also included. For more information, see your plan description. MetLife is a registered trademark of MetLife® Services and Solutions, LLC, New York, NY. You will find legal insurances designated by several names, including legal expenses insurance (LPI), prepaid legal plans (PPL) or legal expenses insurance (LEI). In addition to nomenclature, legal insurance can cover a wide range of legal issues, which can range from simple fines to adoption assistance to disputes with entrepreneurs – and much more in between. MetLife Legal Plans offers a range of plan options, including customized legal plans for employers with more than 3,000 eligible employees. The legal plan offers a consulting advantage for most personal legal matters. In addition, many personal legal issues are fully covered. For a list of services fully covered in your company`s legal plan, please register or call the Customer Service Centre at 800-821-6400. The following points are excluded from all plans: Carefully consider the coverage available. If your goal is to provide general consumer protection and contractual support, a legal protection plan can be good value for money, as most plans cost less than $1 per day.

However, a legal protection plan cannot be of much help for contested divorces, custody issues, or even DUI cases due to coverage restrictions and exclusions. Existing problems such as divorce are usually not addressed. But there are companies that can offer discounts on legal rates or coverage for an ongoing legal case. You can cover them, even if you only call them afterwards. Your homeowners` insurance offers some legal coverage as part of personal liability insurance. It could also provide some coverage for identity theft or fraud.

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