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Best Gifts for Legal Secretary

We start with the secretaries (who have not had an easy year due to the epidemic of dismissals of secretaries who sweep away the biglaws). You should give them cash or an equivalent amount in cash, such as an AmEx or Visa gift card. As one legal secretary once said, “If you decide to give gift cards [to certain stores], I sincerely hope that your next bonus will be paid in the same currency.” For the father, who is also a paralegal, they can be proud to be in the career they are in, but they are more proud to be a father. As the holiday season approaches, here`s a list you`d better check twice: What Christmas gifts should you buy for your support staff, especially your legal secretary? This justice earring scale is perfect for your favorite paralegal. The paralegal in your life is sincere and trustworthy. They take care of things for so many people. You are a quality person and need a high quality carrying bag to carry documents and more. That`s right, his job as a paralegal is what pays for his coffee every morning. As a young employee, I also shared a secretary with the managing partner. Lottery scratch cards, a beautiful “thank you for all your hard work” card and flowers in a vase have always worked for me. Don`t think about it too much. Everything will be fine! Readers, what do you think of the Christmas gifts given by lawyers to their secretaries, assistants, paralegals and other assistants? Please discuss in the comments. Happy holidays! Let`s face it, legal secretaries are often the most valuable players in any legal team.

They juggle recording calls, planning and preparing legal documents – all while dealing with very difficult people. (It means you. And your opposing advice. And your boring lawyer friends who stop for unexpected happy hours, similar to mad men.) Sometimes the paralegal knows more about things around the office than the lawyer because he takes on many tasks. This wall clock is perfect for your office space. Greenbacks are a gift that never goes out of style. But how much is appropriate? Internet chatter suggests that at least $100 is expected when you spend money. Employees in large companies and cities can expect larger gifts.

Some things you just can`t buy. But if you`re an employer, you may be able to afford to give your secretary extra time off. For the sake of simplicity, you can consider getting your secretary a desktop charging station – a single device that allows you to charge multiple gadgets in one place. If the paralegal in your life is your partner, this keychain is the perfect way to tell it is too hot for his “briefs.” Can you even start the working day without a cup of hot coffee or tea? According to Reuters, 64 percent of Americans drank at least one cup of coffee a day last year. Add humor or inspiration (plus a pinch of appreciation) to your favorite lawyer`s day. How should a lawyer handle Christmas gifts for the paralegals she works with? NEW YORK LAWYERS: How much in total do you spend on Christmas gifts for your secretary? No Oliday gifts are expected for paralegals (but I hope that`s because they get a bonus like lawyers do, but it probably varies a lot from company to company). If you have worked closely with a paralegal, you should take them to lunch. We have a good working relationship, but I share my secretary with the busiest partner in the company. I get maybe 2% of their time. A double-way tennis court and court in the courthouse, which means it is perfect for the paralegal who also likes to play tennis. Your favorite paralegal is a hero to the lawyer they work for because they do so many things that the lawyer doesn`t have the time for or doesn`t have the time for.

In markets other than New York, gifts tend to be smaller. Here`s what we wrote in 2008 (but maybe an adjustment for inflation is needed): “For those outside of New York, your little holiday joy gift package can stay in the $100 to $250 range, with junior employees giving about $100, middle employees about $150, and senior executives giving over $200.” And finally, what about employees in addition to administrative assistants and paralegals? Here`s what Griffin suggests: If people keep talking even after you`ve asked them to stop, or pretend you`re not interested, you can simply form more opinions about them. The same goes for paralegals. In recent years, many excellent legal works have been published. Among them is legal futurist Richard Susskind`s latest book, Tomorrow`s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future. Ian Goldin from Oxford University. The book is described as an “essential introduction to the future of law for those who want to succeed in the rapidly changing legal landscape.” You can also supplement your cash gift with a cashless gift that you think your secretary might like. As Griffin says, you can “throw away a plant, a bouquet of flowers, or maybe a lunch.” Don`t think of this other gift as a replacement for the Benjamins. When I was in Biglaw, the general rule around the office was to multiply your year of class by $100.

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