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Beris Bits Dressage Legal

Trust sells leather-covered pieces – Euro 117.00 – 130.00. D-rings are for some reason always much more silver than bulk rings. It is therefore strongly recommended that the horse be trained at home in the room most suited to his individual needs in order to make him progress in his training with a comfortable and clearly signaling dentition. The horse must then pass its test in the most appropriate legal portion of dressage. I hate playing with songs at the beginning of the season, I get so nervous when I play with everything. I don`t think a bit is illegal for xc. In this image, the nathe part is the soft part – it is the rest of this configuration that is “more”. I have a nathe (which they don`t do anymore) and an HS duo that they still do. They are very, very similar. Nathe is therefore a little more flexible and softer.

I have tried many different metal parts for my delicate horse and he is much happier in the nathe than in any of them. Immediate and lasting difference; It is a horse that slams and nibbles its teeth, just standing not mounted on the loop, not to mention the work (yes, teeth, saddle, chiropractor, etc. He`s doing quite well.). Leather parts are illegal for FEI dressage; not sure about XC. It was with reins and converters. I was never told to ride in pairs, to be honest. The gag is now about 3 years ago. We went with a short tree at the right bar Pellham.

My guy goes into a loose ring just happy mouth bar for dressage. This keeps him much straighter at the top. He just seems to really like straight bars, not sure if it has anything to do with his parrot mouth or not? Leather-covered pieces are legal in dressage. And Lucinda did the same thing with a driver here and I WANT that little bit! The driver bought him the piece on the spot. how interesting it is – I just went through the pieces of Beris. This weekend I had a clinic with Lucinda Green. I broke my very green horse in a nithe-free ring, but moved it for lack of direction. Since then, she has entered either a happy French bond or a happy mouth with a peanut (not a reel) from Sstack.

My horse was clearly dissatisfied with both decisions and will stop dramatically by jumping or raising his head. Lucinda let me try a Beris Leather Bit with full cheeks – I have to say it was an instant transformation – in search of the piece, I found the other plastic pieces of Beris. Lucinda suspected that some horses punctured the leather on the plastic. I don`t have a piece of leather at home, but rather a thicker, thicker black rubber cheek that seems to be doing the job right now. The following Myler Bits equipped in the UK are legal according to FEI (Horse) and British Dressage (Horse & Pony) rules: it was in a gag order, and I have the impression that they lack direction, the elevator bits also make it bend and withdraw. Bits are such a difficult thing to understand and work on, every horse is different. I believe especially in softer pieces – although some horses have been brought in pieces of metal with harder hands, in this case the horse will have to relearn. Less is more in my book.

These bits are Legal Dressage for FEI. As a general rule, most associations reflect their rules according to RDI rules, but not always. You can check if your teeth are legal when it comes to dressage by consulting the Tack Dressage appendix for your bandage. Google is ideal for this. I thought it would give me less finesse in dressage, but until now that wasn`t true – we are now working on the 1st/2nd level. Sprenger Satinox wicks are the high-quality counterpart of anatomically shaped stainless steel wicks. But yes, they all have their preferences – pieces, nose bands, stool – so you have to keep trying. My horse told me the other day that a loose KK ring was NOT correct. My old mare had the contact of a parrot`s mouth. She went for a few years in a duo for dressage, but switched to a bridle. She preferred thick pieces, which surprised me. It became strong xc when we switched to prelim and reactive in most of the songs.

But she loved a cherry roll. With a single cherry roll chip, I had enough control. While the acceptance of these profiles by the dressage authorities is very welcome for reasons of well-being, in terms of comfort, it is unlikely that they are the most suitable pieces for horses wishing to work according to the affiliated rules. clear signage; and swallow. Product code: 42262 Shaft length: 7cm Mouthpiece thickness: 16mm Metal: Sensogan mouthpiece, Gold Sides aurigan. That. When you said you didn`t have direction with the gag, did you use 2 reins? I used a gag on a few horses, always with 2 reins, and one day the hack just tried with the gag reins to see what happened. No direction has passed. Followed by grumpy horses because I was on the lever all the time.

And I rode a horse in Pessoas, with only one reins and again without direction. Add a flange and you have the steering, and you only call the lever reins when you need them. Regular nathe wasn`t enough to jump into, but I had exhausted all other cheaper metal options and it never worked as well as in a nathe. He was at Pelham before, just bar, no rubber, it was perfect last year, but now it`s too much. This Nathe seems to work quite well, but I`m not a fan of the encounter. Pre-order 3-6wks A few retained supplies – please send an email to check stock sizes info@horsebitemporium.com I wouldn`t call it “nice”. I would not be fooled by the non-metallic mouthpiece; That`s a lot of hardware swing/lever on the nose strip. That being said, if it works, it works. The Myler 02 and 32 mouthpieces became acceptable when the FEI authorised flanges with rotary mouthpieces from January 2003. Can you tell me about the differences in the composition of their mouthpieces (the types of “plastic”) and the advantages and disadvantages of each? horsebitbank.com/nathe-tandem-bit-mullen-358.phtml I really hoped there would be more insight in that thread. Then I saw that the Beris existed and I wanted to know more about them. I don`t have $300 to spend a little, fortunately my coach allows me to use hers for now because she doesn`t need it, but the day she needs it, I`ll be SOL.

I don`t use it to hack or jump as it`s definitely not enough for those – the horse is very enthusiastic and cares less about his metal piece when doing the fun things, and sometimes I need a little more whoa. I would also be interested in a comparison of Beris and Nathe. I`m not sure the full cheek didn`t make the difference for my mare. She has a soft mouth – and maybe it`s just a little more broken now that the steering is less of an issue! Don`t let the soft mouth fool you. It`s a distinctly strong piece that you use with a ton of leverage, but if it works and that`s what your horse seems happy with, then that`s fine. Just see how much leverage you use. Some horses really prefer this type of combination and it certainly gives you a lot of control. As for the song Beris, I think it`s quite close to a nathe type, but I didn`t really compare them. The HS Duo is certainly very similar to a Nathe. I have a Mullen-Mundpelham turning Beris with its “soft” mouthpiece. I got it for a flight compared to the other duo Nathe /HS Pelhams.

He thinks the Moutpiece is a little thicker and gives way a little less than the Nathe, but my mare doesn`t seem to notice any difference and is doing pretty well. Anatomically adapted KK Ultra mouthpiece with a single roller in the central part for improvement. If you are still not sure, please send us a private message or email to Info@horsebitemporium.com Hanging Cheek (stock code 41 (regular), 42 (small): Sprenger Loose Ring Snaffle Dynamic RS Single Joint 40421 Thickness: 14mm Rings: 70mm. As for Begis, Nathe and Duo – someone bought the other company – do not remember it, but they are very similar. Currently, I also have confidence. Maybe I`m obsessed…! Sprenger SATINOX D-Ring Snaffle Double Joint Stainless Steel Thickness: 14mm Product Style: 40926 Ergonomic shape this one.

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